I haven’t updated my blog in close to two weeks, but I have a legit reason. I started writing articles for one of the biggest SEO companies in the United States, and it eats up nearly my entire day. They send me a topic with keywords which I then write an article about that subject. The reason why I love this writing gig is I get to write articles on different topics. Which means I have to do proper research before I put my thoughts on paper. And at the same time learn how to write content optimized for search engines.

A friend of mine opened my eyes to this idea. I remember creating a social media strategy for her, and she mentioned that I needed to start writing articles for the web because she saw the potential I had. Now, sometimes people see greatness in us when we can’t see it in ourselves. I never thought I could write and I was afraid of trying it out. I am not sure what I was scared of. Some years back, some jobs rejected my application because I couldn’t blog. However, I never look back with regret. Things happen at their timing, and I guess this was the right time for me to start writing.

I did some research online on how to get started, and I came across 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer.  It’s true what they say, the only way to become a better writer is to write. And through my continuous writing, I have seen some positive benefits.


I started my blog a few months ago without knowing what I would write about and feeling like people would judge me and my writing. Reading those previous posts makes me see different ways I would have said something, and I even get tempted to make corrections. The fact that I can see the maturity in my writing is huge for me. I am excited about creating more posts even with the limited free time I have nowadays.


I was so hard on myself when I started writing. I used to feel stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed when I thought about it. It was more of dread. I didn’t understand how people did it for a living. One thing I have realized when I write is that I am more empathetic. And it is visible in my writing. I don’t just write for the sake of writing, but I think of the end user and how my piece can solve a problem or challenge they’re facing.


There are days I am seriously in no mood to write, but I must do it. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to. When I have writer’s block, I take a small break for about an hour to get my mind off what I need to be writing. By the time I am back, ideas start flowing.

How often do you write? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.