Online marketing keeps growing over the years. People open social profiles for their businesses in hopes to sell their products or services. I get a number of requests from friends who want me to increase engagement and sell more through social media. And my response is always, “can you tell me what strategies you’re currently using before I can give suggestions on what you need to do”.

It’s like seeing a doctor when you’re not well. Obviously, he won’t prescribe any medicine without understanding your symptoms. He needs to know where it hurts, what you’ve been doing, how long you’ve been feeling ill and if you’ve taken any other meds. If necessary he will do some tests, then he can prescribe medication.

Building an Audience

The same applies to social media marketing. If you want to build an audience to drive sales to your business using social media, you have to come up with the right strategy that will reach the right people using the right channels. A good strategy shows insights into your competitors, emerging trends, insights into your market, platforms and their capabilities.

“So how do I come up with these insights?” You ask. It’s simple. Research. Research. Research. Do keyword research. It will tell you what people are searching for on the internet and in a language they use. To earn their trust and grab their attention, keyword research will help you speak in their language and offer solutions according to what they are searching for.

Once you do this, the next step is to find out more about your competitors. Who are they? What strategies are they using? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Look at their websites, their marketing material. Analyze their campaigns.


The next step is to look at your own content. What posts are performing better than others? Which ones are triggering a conversation? Which ones are being shared? What you are trying to see are patterns and behaviours. This will help in creating a message which resonates with your target audience.

Whatever strategies you decide to use, always start with research. That’s where the trick lies. Otherwise, you’ll keep putting out content on social media and not see results which will frustrate you and make you want to give out.

Does this make sense? Share any questions you may have in the comments section.