With the new changes from Facebook, I have been forced to think twice as hard about how to create more engaging content. Creating killer content that converts.

Ideas are all around us. You could get them as you are walking, researching on the internet, interacting with friends, and customer insights.

When you log in to any social platform, you want to catch up on what your friends and family are sharing. Their content will make you feel happy, sad, angry or any other emotion.

The same should apply to your content. If you can use emotions to get your audience to take action, then you can convert them. That feeling will get them to share your content with other people.

Shared content has two positive sides to it. One, it will be free word of mouth about your business, which is the best way of marketing. And two, Facebook sees this as relevant content and will show it to other people. This means that people are interested in your brand.

Create Shareable Content

Even though you care and want to market your brand, you need to remember that your customer doesn’t care about you. No one wants to be sold to. You should start by building a relationship with your prospect before you can sell to them. The way to do this is by providing value before asking for a sale.

For example, if you sell shoes, all your posts can’t be about selling shoes. You might make some sales to start with, but you will not get repeat business in the long run.

If you want to marry a girl, you don’t propose to her the first time you meet her. She will write you off immediately and keep it moving. The same applies to selling; you can’t expect to make a sale on the first attempt to someone who has never heard of your business. You need to give enough value¬†before you can ask for the sale.

Being patient and strategic when creating content that converts will make the time and effort you put in worthwhile. Most social platforms have Audience Insights. This is the best place to go if you don’t know who your audience is.

You can go off-brand with your content. People have many interests other than what you are selling. If your audience enjoys watching Scandal, you can put up an update that says, ” Can’t wait for the crossover between Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) on March 1st”. You will see engagement in your post because they will feel that you know and understand their interests. Plus you will speak to a separate audience as well (HTGAWM), who you can convert later.

This strategy will work for you because when you do ask for a sale, people will want to say yes and buy from you.

Businesses want to make sales through social media. But they must remember to be social and human first.