Everyone is creating content online but is it performing the goal they want it to? Do you ever ask yourself if you are creating “so what” material? When people consume it they ask themselves so what? Content that doesn’t have any meaning which will sit on your website or social media page and get ignored?

If your business is online, your main concern is creating meaningful content. The main reason why I create content is to get people to take action. If I am doing it for business, it is to help them take a step forward in the sales process journey. Prompt them to take action, which is what any type of content should do. You want your content to move someone to do something.

Say for example you want to educate a prospect on your product/service through a blog post or a short video on how your product will help them solve a problem. The action they can take is to share the video, buy your product, sign up for your newsletter or any other marketing goal you have set.

Tap into people’s emotions

If you want to create meaningful content, give it an emotional touch. Content that brings out people’s emotions whether it is joy, anger, sadness, hate or even fear gets shared easily compared to product feature content. Your work is to create content worth sharing which will make people share it across different platforms. Just make sure you invest the right resources in coming up with the material.

So, you’ve created amazing content, but you’re not getting the engagement you thought you would. To be honest, success will not happen overnight. Have a strategy of how you will communicate your brand’s story over time. Tell people a story and watch them give you the results you’re looking for.

Don’t feel discouraged if you gain only two followers. Those two people can tell someone else about your business who can tell someone else. Aim to have a targeted audience than to create content that you hope will appeal to the masses.

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