In an ever-growing industry, with changes which are hard to predict, hiring someone with a mix of skills can help boost a company’s social media presence. As a job seeker, having soft skills as well as technical expertise will make you stand out from everyone applying for the same job. Employers will be impressed with your skillset.

If you are a startup, having a small budget to market, your product or service can leave you with two options. Either manage your online presence by yourself or decide to hire someone to do it for you. Now if you do hire someone, you will want them to have the skills to do many things at once.

What qualities should you look for when hiring a digital marketer?

1. Customer service

Nowadays people prefer enquiring or making complaints to a business through its social media channels. The days of calling a company are long gone unless it is a matter that requires urgent attention. Customer service can make or break a business. If I visit a restaurant, the service will be deciding factor whether I return or not. When I make an order, then bring my food an hour later without an explanation, chances of me returning again are slim. It won’t matter whether the food was good.

Hire someone who knows how to communicate well with people. Not being able to see the person you’re speaking to means you have to work a little extra hard to provide excellent support. Soft skills are essential here. Remember the person you’re talking to is a human being. So why the hell would you have an automatic response to every comment on your page? People buy from people. Hire someone who has empathy and can have a conversation with your followers.

2. Copywriting

Copywriting is an important skill when it comes to marketing. Coming up with good copy which convinces people to take action is what you should look for in someone. Who doesn’t love a good story? Hire someone who can tell your story well, about your product and brand. People don’t want to know about your product features. They want to know the story of how you started your business, what happens behind the scenes. This is how you come up with good shareable content.

3. The Hunger For Knowledge

A good digital marketer stays up to date with industry news, current trends and the changes taking place in the digital space. There are numerous tools online for performing different tasks. A business should hire someone who is always ready to learn new things- to grow for themselves and to grow the business. Look for someone who is self-motivated and passionate in this field.

A good digital marketer knows that to succeed in online marketing, you need to test out new ideas and analyse them to see if they are working. That’s when the curious mindsets in.

4. Team Player

A digital marketer is the voice of the company in the online world. They are in charge of updating your clients on prospects on matters relating to your business. If you have different departments in your organisation, each might have content that they would like to put on your social platforms. A digital marketer should be able to work with different people in the company for this reason.

5. Creative

Images get more engagement than those that have copy only. A digital marketer should have design skills to come up with good quality images. They should also know sites where to get stock photos that are in line with the brand message.

Remember that businesses are offering different products and services to the same customer. You need to be able to stand out and remain top of mind with clients and prospects.

I hope these tips will make it easier for you to find the right candidate with the right digital marketing skills.