Running a business means you are constantly coming up with strategies on how to grow it. And in this digital age, it is very easy to forget the traditional way of getting leads and customers. Businesses are advertising their products and services on social media every single day in the hopes of reaching their target audiences. They end up forgetting the one place people must visit every single day. Their e-mail.

If you want to reach people in a more personal way, email is the way to go. It’s been one of the most effective ways of marketing since back in the day, and it is still very effective now. Email marketing done well means you will increase your conversion rates as you watch your sales grow. And the way to do this is by nurturing leads and meeting the customer where they are on the sales journey.

What then should you do to make Email Marketing a Success?

Create an Email List

Start by getting people interested enough to subscribe to your email list. How do you do this? By creating engaging, relevant and informative content on your website. Yes. I said website. Not social media platforms. Website. Because your content should sit on your site and social media should be used to direct people to your site. Can you imagine, God forbid if one day Facebook crashed. That means all that work, money and time you put in to create content will be worthless?

Ok. Back to my point. Start with an email list. Make it easy for people to subscribe to it. Create a sign-up form on your site.


People are busy living their lives, and they could care less about what you are offering. That is why you need to grab their attention the minute they come across your email in their mailbox. Statistics show that 47% of people will read an email based on the subject line.

Your headline needs to be catchy as hell. Avoid writing a clever or click-bait headline. It might come and bite you in the future. People will start questioning your credibility and will eventually hit that “Unsubscribe from this list” link.

Email Content

You are writing an email in the hopes that someone will read it word for word when in reality they will take only 10 seconds to skim through your content. That’s why you need to make sure you avoid fluffy content.

Save everyone, including yourself some time by getting straight to the point. Make your content engaging. Use bullet points when writing.

Remember to include next steps at the end of your email. It would seem obvious to you, but you need to tell people what to do next once they consume your content.

Strengthen Relationships

You have to remember that success won’t happen immediately you send out a few emails. It takes time to see success.

Make sure you understand your readers before you send them anything. You don’t want them to feel like you’re spamming their mailboxes.

Follow these email best practices, and I guarantee you, you will see some good changes in your business.

How has email marketing worked for you in your business? I’d love to hear your stories.