I am sure by now you are aware that Facebook is changing the way it shows content on the News Feed.  They will be showing more posts from friends and family and less content from brands and businesses.

As a business, users will see less content from you. And this it will be lesser if you plan on getting organic reach. Facebook is trying to get people to engage more with their family and friends.

As a user, I am somewhat happy about this news. Well because sometimes it’s exhausting seeing ads every time from someone trying to sell me something.

As a content creator, I am so frustrated by the Facebook algorithm because I have to do double the work to get engagement and reach on the pages I manage. Especially if the client isn’t spending any money on Ads.

If you have a page which is getting good rates of engagement and reach, thank the gods. Continue what you’re doing.

Budget For Ad Campaigns

Facebook’s organic reach has been going down for some time now. Therefore, you must be spending money on campaigns. But if you haven’t been doing so, I suggest you put this in your plan. You will increase your reach by reaching the right target audience for your business.

Point to note: If you hire a freelancer to manage your social media account, the fees they charge is different from the Ad Budget. Remember to make that clarification from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings along the way.

Create Engaging Content

According to Zuckerberg, more engagement from friends and family simply means more comments and reactions. Create posts with questions. If you create promotional content, switch it up. Don’t make your page full of “sales posts”. You will lose followers.

Run contests. Share behind the scenes. Show the human side of your brand. Go Live.


Don’t bait people into engaging with your content by asking them to comment, share or like. Facebook will decrease your reach even more. You’ll look spammy and desperate.

Don’t fear these new changes. There’s always a positive side to every situation.