You hear the word mentioned so many times but can’t seem to come up with one for your business. Strategy, a well-written action plan that is designed to achieve an aim.

My mind is always on overdrive, and I find myself forgetting things that’s why I write a lot. Whether it’s an idea, a book I want to read later, a movie I want to watch,  or obvious things I want to do the following day, writing helps me get them done faster.

The same thing applies to your strategy.  For it to be successful, you need to write it down. If you have been struggling to generate leads for your business, why not try doing so using content? It’s so easy to get people interested in your business, yet so many people have ignored this simple method.

Generate leads using content.

I don’t understand why businesses don’t blog. And for those that do it, why do your blogs only have product benefits or company jargon that only you understand? Why are you writing for yourself and not thinking about your readers?

Creating content that helps meet your business goals will get more shares easily and attracts potential leads to your business.

These steps will help you create content which will move your intended customers along the sales journey.

Who Are They?

You can’t sell anything if you don’t know who you’re selling to. It’s that simple. And that’s why many businesses suffer because they haven’t figured out who will benefit from their product or service.

When creating a sales funnel, research who you want to sell to and even try and eliminate those people who you don’t want to target this.

Find out where they are, where do they hang out, what are their interests, how old are they, what motivates them?

Asking yourself these questions makes it easier for you to come up with shareable content and get people inquiring about your business.

Give out Something for Free

Once you know who they are, you can decide to give out something for free, but with an opt-in option. What do I mean? Say you’re a startup and you’ve finally reached a point in your business where things are looking up for you. Why not share some ideas on how you made it possible?

People like stories. And if that story will help them solve a problem they’re currently facing, even better. You can create a free case study or even just a short pdf document and have people give you their contact information because they want to read your story.

You will create authority and establish trust with your potential customers.

One thing you need to keep in mind when creating meaningful content is, you want to move them along the customer journey: awareness – consideration – decision. According to each stage, you’ll need to figure out where your prospects are and create content to influence their decisions to move closer to buying from you.

The only way to know if your strategy is working is if you put it out there and watch what happens. You can make changes and iterations along the way but don’t forget to put it down in writing.

Follow these simple steps to attract more leads to your business and have people sharing your content.