It is frustrating to put content on your social media business page or the blog and it doesn’t get good numbers in terms of reach and engagement. Especially, now that Facebook requires you to boost your posts to reach more people. You can create amazing content that converts but if it doesn’t help in reaching your business goals then it becomes pointless.

If you decide to use content to market your business, you need to think of it strategically, to avoid wasting time and resources when creating it.

Whenever you create any type of content, always have the business goal in mind.  Below are some ideas which can help you with your content marketing plan to get people to read your content.

1. Discover the prospect’s pain points

Unless a prospect has a need which your product can solve, they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple. Businesses which are successful have understood what challenges their prospects are facing, what keeps them up at night. Strategic content will dive deeper into their pain points and have them asking you(the business) questions while driving engagement. This is another good way of generating future content.

2. Build trust with your audience

Building trust with your customers takes time and hard work. If a customer trusts your brand, chances of them recommending you to others is high. A good way to build trust is by offering great customer service and being consistent and transparent in how you handle your business.

Positive customer reviews are good for your business, however, there’s nothing as bad as a disgruntled customer. A person can ruin your business just because you failed to deliver a product on time.

As a business, you should remain consistent and avoid trying out new tactics and initiatives every so often. If something doesn’t work, evaluate the reasons why it didn’t and look for different ways of doing it. Don’t throw it out altogether. Good marketing means testing and iterating to get it right.

Transparency when it comes to running a business should be a natural occurrence. Customers are smart. They know when you’re pulling their leg or when you are trying to play tricks on them. Rather than try to cover up a mistake, it is best to come out and be honest about it. They’ll love and admire you for your honesty.

3. Illustrate benefits

There’s a difference between product features and benefits.  Features are characteristics of your product or service. Benefits are the reasons why they will buy the product/service. Remember, a customer will buy something to solve a need or problem. And at the back of their mind, they’re asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Your content should not only tell the customer it will solve their problem, but also show them how to do so.

4. Handle objections

Every prospect has objections or reasons why they don’t want to buy from you. Because if they didn’t have a problem with your price, value, or delivery about your product, they would have already bought from you. How about creating content that will make the buying process easier for you? Content that will bring your prospect closer to making a purchase.

5. Build loyalty with existing customers

You’ve succeeded in getting customers to buy from you. But that doesn’t mean you stop there. You need to nature the relationship with them so that you deepen their loyalty towards your brand. Loyal customers are a great source of referrals. Treat them well and watch your business grow.

Until next time,