Are you looking for ways of growing your audience using social media? You could be creating content on your social media page which isn’t getting shared. Or maybe you’re spending a lot of time creating content from scratch which then doesn’t get any likes or comments.

Either your content isn’t resonating with your audience, or you’re making it all about your business. Me, me, me type of content might make your audience feel like you don’t care about them and all you want to do is promote and sell your product or service.

Publishing content and letting it sit without any engagement isn’t fun at all. Using social media best practices will change how your business performs online. What will make you stand out from the crowd? How will you change your page and gain more engagement and activity on your page?  You need to create a relationship with your audience by listening to them and giving them content which will entertain, educate or engage.

Building engagement around your content

  • Respond to comments. If you ignore comments, it will make them feel like you don’t care so they won’t bother asking anything next time.
  • Listen to your audience and act.
  • Follow readers on social platforms like Twitter.
  • Comment on their blog posts or retweet their tweets.
  • If there are common questions, people ask, create a post around it to answer their question.
  • Ask your followers what they want to see from you. You will get many ideas, and this can help plan for future content.
  • Ask an open-ended question to get engagement on your post and page.
  • Hold contests and give a reward at the end.
  • Keyword research will help you create content on what your audience is searching for and interested in.
  • Create action content. Tell someone what to do next after they read your content. Depending on what you want people to do, creating a call to action at the end will be beneficial to getting engagement or moving your followers along the customer journey.

What strategies do you use to keep your audience engaged?