What exactly does it mean to do online marketing? Is it creating a post with the benefits of your product and assuming someone will pick their phone to call and make an order? Is it making people aware of the problems they are facing and providing solutions? Or is it brand awareness?

Ask a few people this question and you’ll be surprised by the answers you get. Online marketing is basically achieving marketing objectives through digital technology and media.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Every business wants to grow its revenue. But it is not possible if you are targeting the wrong audience. Do you know the people you sell to?

Starting point – define your audience. Know them well. Know what their pain points and desires are. Learn everything about your prospect. What their dreams and aspirations are. Put yourself in their shoes and be empathetic. Understand the language they speak. Knowing your target audience better than they know themselves will make your marketing efforts bear fruits.

Below, are the 7 types of digital marketing you should think of incorporating when marketing online.

Social Media Marketing

Most of you already use social media on your personal pages. But is it the same when you are managing a business page? The truth is, you need to make a solid plan and come up with digital strategies on how to use social media to grow your business. It is a good platform for listening to your customers, getting feedback, and also saves on marketing costs. It also builds your social proof. People want to do business with people they trust. Huge followings show that people believe in what you are doing as a brand. Though don’t get caught up in these vanity metrics.

Content Marketing

Whether you create a post, a video or an image, always have the aim of making the content valuable, relevant and consistent with your brand voice. You will grab the attention of your audience with good content.  And remember, any content you put out should have a call to action. Tell the person what to do once they consume it. Don’t assume they’ll share your article, or sign up for that newsletter.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO sounds like one of those really hard things to do but really it isn’t. Companies that appear on the first page of the results after you search for something follow best practices for SEO. Aim to get organic traffic to your website from the people searching for your product/service. Content content content. I can’t stress this enough. If your website has good content, with the right keywords, you will appear at the top of the search results.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) 

Google is the most common search engine used to find anything. See those results that appear at the top with a small “Ad” sign written next to it? That’s PPC. People have paid to appear at the top. It is a good way to generate leads and reach people who are searching for the products you offer.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. It is is a form of direct marketing which helps brands build stronger relationships with their customers and gain loyalty by sending out targeted, personalized emails to the clients. You can segment your audience according to where they are in the customer journey.

Mobile Marketing

How often can you stay away from your phone? Everyone nowadays owns a mobile device. Be it a smartphone, feature phone, tablet or any other mobile device. What can be done on a desktop can be done on a mobile phone. Same applies to your prospect. When doing online marketing, brands should aim to be mobile-first because 75% of the Kenyan market audience uses mobile devices to browse their content.

Affiliate Marketing

This is promoting a brand’s product/service to get a commission from each sale. This type of marketing is good when acquiring new customers to grow your revenue.

So there you have it! I hope you will incorporate these methods into your marketing plans.

Do you have any questions about online marketing? Post them in the comment section below.