Below are three simple SEO best practices you can follow to get more targeted traffic to your website through on-page optimization.

When done properly, you’ll start building links to your site because your content will be relevant and authoritative, something search engines are looking for.

Keyword Research

I can’t tell you the kind of a headache I get when I start doing keyword research. Even though it is the most important part of content marketing, it is also quite involving and confusing. The minute I start researching keywords, I get lost in the amount of data I collect because it all seems to be important.

Not forgetting to mention the number of free keyword research tools available like Ubersuggest, Moz, and Google Keyword Planner. I like planning and doing things in advance, but somehow I struggle when it comes to creating my keyword list. How do you look for that which you don’t know you’re looking for?

So I found a simple starting point. Focus on the possible keywords that your target audience is using. Brainstorm words they use to explain their needs and desires to know the exact language they are using. This will not only help with content marketing, but it is also useful for  Search Engine Optimization. Using these keywords in the content you create will bring organic traffic to your site which will help with ranking on search engines.

Optimize your Titles and Descriptions

The trick to using keywords is synonyms. Stuffing the same keyword in an article will do two things: Show your audience that you have poor writing skills and it also won’t increase your page rankings.

Google can recognise synonyms and knows that different words mean the same thing. Use synonyms in your URL, Meta Description, the title of the page, the body of the text and even on the description of your image(if the article has a picture). Variations of the keyword will help you rank for long-tail keywords as well.

Avoid Using Too Many Keywords

Search engines rank sites by the unique content on each web page. Don’t try and put all your keywords on one page assuming that you’re optimizing your SEO efforts.

Deciding on the number of keywords you should use is up to you. However, remember to spread them throughout your website. Variations of the keyword will help you write content that is natural and flowing.

Remember to use your keywords within the first 200 characters of your post so that people understand what the article is about immediately.

Follow these simple tricks to improve your on-page optimization which will increase organic traffic to your website.