I joined Twitter back in 2010, but I was never keen on how it works or what kind of content to update. I used to be those people who never got Twitter until recently when I got addicted. As a social media manager, not all my clients will be on Facebook only. So I had to get myself out of my comfort zone and start using Twitter. Here I am, a Twitter junkie, who spends most of her time there, listening and engaging.

Twitter is so damn addictive. Conversations happen in real-time. I can log off for an hour and find so much has happened while I was away. There are days I couldn’t go a day without checking my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Now it’s the opposite.

So much happens on that platform. I never watch TV,  so most of my news is from Twitter.  When I need to take a break from a stressful day, Twitter will always make me laugh. People on this app are creative and funny.

Brands use Twitter to connect with their customers and grow their businesses. This is what I have noticed over the past few months of actively using the app.

1. Influencer Marketing

Using influencers is a great way to market your brand. And even though there is a huge debate on how to measure the success of influencers, it is a great way to get your product noticed when you work with influencers. Once you identify the influencers you want to work with, instead of sending them a cold email, you can interact and engage with them to show that you have mutual interests. It is important to build rapport and trust with the influencer before launching a campaign.

2. Viral Content

With Twitter, it is not about your content but rather the context of your tweet. Once it gains popularity, it will get retweets which can start a whole new conversation. This strategy can work well if your brand jumps in on a trending topic with your own personality in the tweet. There is no point of trend jacking if the topic is not in line with your brand’s personality.

3. Promoting Blogs

Many people and companies use Twitter to send more traffic to their blogs. Just post a link to your blog, and add a personal message to it to entice people to want to read it.

4. Social Listening

Twitter is a good platform to know what people are saying about you and your businesses. Conversations are always happening, and you can use this to gain customer feedback. If someone isn’t happy with your product or service, they will openly share it on Twitter. Take advantage of this feedback and use it to improve your business.

5.Open Conversations

Unlike Facebook and Instagram where you need “permission” to connect with someone, Twitter is an open platform where people can join in on conversations. I don’t need to be friends with an influencer to get in touch with them. Not long ago, I was excited because a social media influencer that I admire who is based in the U.S followed me on Twitter after I commented on his post. That’s how massive Twitter is.

I could go on about the benefits of using Twitter but I will save that for another post. Have you seen any positive impact Twitter has on your brand?

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