One sure way to waste your time and that of your audience on social media is by publishing meaningless content. Most times, when you are not getting engagement on your posts on social media, it is tempting to create more content.

Which begs the question, should you continue creating content because the experts say, “The more you post, the higher your chances of being noticed?” or should you come up with a strategy that will help you target your audience?

The whole point of content marketing is to build relationships and connections. Your audience wants to feel that you care about them and their lives. They want to know you will help them achieve their goals or solve challenges they might be facing.

Therefore, because you are already spending time and effort to reach them in the hopes of seeing positive results, why not have a strategy behind the content you create?

The answer is simple: use emotions.

People make decisions based on their emotions; it’s never a logical process. Once you understand this simple truth, you will start seeing changes in your business and increase your conversion rates.

Emotions dominate our experiences and decisions. For example, when you fear something, chances are you will obsess over it. The same case applies when you like something.

For instance, before you deal with fear or excitement, you become irrational. Logic leaves the room. Then you start reasoning again once you deal with that emotion.

Everything is triggered by emotion. Have you noticed how your behaviour can instantly change because of how you feel? Or the way specific memories will affect your opinions and thoughts?

To create a connection with your target audience means you have to appeal to them emotionally first. Someone will engage with your content because of how it makes them feel: sad, fear, anger, sadness, surprise, joy, curious.

The more connected your audience feels to your business, the more likely they are to engage and digest your content, moving them to take action. Remember, using emotions to pass your message across, will increase engagement on a post.

If you feel your content is not performing well, try and change your strategy and learn how to tell your story using emotions.