It has taken some time for me to write here. I have been so caught up with work, doing a bunch of things on top of managing the BuyRentKenya blog. I also took time to revamp my website because I needed to give it an uplift, a different look to represent what I truly feel and how I would like things to look. I am excited about how it looks like because I worked on it by myself with the help and guidance from a good friend. I put in my heart and soul into it, I feel super proud of the accomplishment.

In the process of figuring out the theme and copy, I needed to do some research to look at other sites in my field as a digital marketer and content creator and I saw this pattern. Why do most websites look alike? Use the same corporate lingo, lack personality, not share their true stories whether good or bad? If you decide to use the same strategy, you definitely will not stand out from the pack. Customers will forget about your site the minute they leave it. At the end of the day, as a business, you need to show the human side of your business. It would be refreshing to see and read stories of people showing up as their true, authentic selves without feeling the pressure to conform to the usual standards.

Working full-time and freelancing

Hence the direction I want to take with my website. See, I am a full-time employee, but from time to time I will do some side gigs because why not. I will try and write more than I have been, share with you some nuggets to help you grow your business. But I will also share the joys and struggles of trying to maintain a 9 – 5 job, doing freelance work and trying to learn new things. I will do my best to show up and be as authentic as I can. I will share stories that people are afraid of putting out there because they are afraid of getting judged.

We continue dealing with this coronavirus pandemic, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. We also don’t know what will happen in the future leave alone tomorrow. I keep reminding myself that if the only thing I do is survive another day then I am ok. I stopped feeling the pressure of doing something constructive like learning a new skill, cooking or doing these other things that people are currently doing.

So, how about we stop living small lives and live the life we want to? How do we break out of the comfort zone we consistently tell ourselves that it is ok to be in? How do we push ourselves to become 1% better each day?

By showing up!